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7 Amazing Ecommerce Websites Examples

Looking for an inspiration or motivation for building your new ecommerce website? Look no further and check out these 7 amazing ecommerce websites examples!

You have a new ecommerce project? You need to build and design a new ecommerce website and you have no idea where to start? Well, you are not the only one, if this makes you feel easier. There are a lot of people out there who experience the exact same problem.

Even though there are a lot of articles, blog posts, tutorials, and step-by-step guides, building an ecommerce website (and we are talking about building a unique, amazing, inspiring, modern, and catchy website) is never easy. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself as a creative person or not, the truth is that we live in a very competitive world and sometimes it seems like every idea is already taken. But, don’t worry, as we are here to help you out.

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If you are looking for an inspiration or motivation for building your new ecommerce website, check out these 7 great ecommerce websites examples we have for you today:

1. Apple – It may sound a little bit cliche, but at the end of the day, Apple always does it right. The website is well organized, clear, simple, and it is really easy to navigate. High-quality and large photos throughout the home page draw the attention of the customers and increase their interested in the products offered on the site. Apple provides a simple checkout experience which is great for those who are for a first time on the site. This is exactly what the buying experience should be on every ecommerce site.

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4. Onfleet – If you want to know how an elegant and clean website looks like, this is the perfect example of it. This site is full of demonstrations and helpful information on how delivery and tracking management system works. We have an extra tip for you – check out the micro animations and see how they create an amazing visual harmony. Maybe this is what you are looking for in your new ecommerce site?

5. Lookback – Happy, fun, and refreshing visuals make visitors feel special and welcome. Also, the typography choice improves the happy and positive vibe. There is also a great product video that helps visitors understand the products offered on the home page. To sum it up, everyone looks brilliant and perfect.

6. Yotti – This is probably one of the best ecommerce websites examples of how human-centered design should look like. The truth is that we all know the gift-buying process can be a real pain, but this website apparently solves the problem. The website will ask you – who are you buying the gift for and provide you with suitable options, allowing you to start accepting orders in seconds.

7. Framer – There is absolutely no room for discussion how this product really works. There is a great video throughout the website that explains everything you need to know. Check it out.

Inspired yet? Were these examples helpful? Are you ready to use your creativity and come up with a new great idea for your ecommerce site? Remember, it is important your new site look clean, elegant, modern, and has enough white space.

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