How to Make Magento E-commerce Platforms to Load With Greater Speed

//How to Make Magento E-commerce Platforms to Load With Greater Speed

How to Make Magento E-commerce Platforms to Load With Greater Speed

Enhancing the speed of e-commerce websites is one of the biggest challenges for business owners. A fast site has been proven to boost search engine rankings. And besides search engine rankings, a fast website optimizes customer experience, which, in turn, leads to increased conversions. So if you own a Magento e-commerce platform, take these steps to ramp up its speed.

  • Choose the right web hosting company for your e-commerce platforms

The most important thing to consider when looking to have a fast e-commerce website is web hosting. Choose a web hosting provider that guarantees a high-speed connection, excellent support and security safeguards. Beware of some web hosting providers who promise high-speed hosting but don’t deliver on it. Do your due diligence to ensure you are choosing the right web host.

  • Optimize all images on your e-commerce websites

Images make up the bulk of e-commerce websites because customers want to see images of the products they want to buy. Images slow down the speed of e-commerce websites; which is why you need to optimize them by compressing them. You can leverage Magento plugins, such as JPEG & PNG images to compress the images without impacting their quality.

  • Using flat catalogs for your e-commerce platforms

Large e-commerce platforms have a huge range of products under different categories. This can impact their speed and performance. Using flat catalog can help minimize the load and enhance any e-commerce website’s speed. A flat catalog organizes and merges the huge database of product categories under a table. That reduces the time for database querying and increases the load speed of category pages.

  • Enabling full-page caching can dramatically increase the speed of e-commerce websites

If you want to reduce the load time of your Magento e-commerce website dramatically, you’d better allow full-page caching. Full-page caching can massively increase a website’s load time because it saves up user’s cache. That means when a visitor logs into your e-commerce platform, the cache saves their browser so that when they return, the e-commerce platform doesn’t use resources to make a new query to the server. The good thing is that Magento comes with its cache. You simply enable it from the system.


In this day and age, speed is crucial for any e-commerce platform. Prospects and customers want to come to your e-commerce website, find what they want quickly, buy and leave. If your e-commerce wastes their time, they’ll abandon it and head to a fast e-commerce website.

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