What is SaaS E-commerce Platforms? Pros of SaaS E-commerce Platforms

//What is SaaS E-commerce Platforms? Pros of SaaS E-commerce Platforms

What is SaaS E-commerce Platforms? Pros of SaaS E-commerce Platforms

It can be tough to choose the best e-commerce websites builder for your online store. There are basic characteristics that you want the right e-commerce solution to have, such as robust, user-friendly and the ability to beef up your sales. We are here to tell you that Shopify won’t let you down because of the following useful features it comes with:

Drop shipping has made it easy to run an e-commerce solutions Shopify

Before the onset of dropshipping, you had to create an online store, choose a product and order a large inventory to start selling. Dropshipping takes away that pain. You can start selling on your Shopify store with little to no inventory. This is how dropshipping works. When a customer buys something from your Shopify store, you transmit the order to a reputable third party supplier, who preps the order and ships it to the customer. The customer knows that the order came directly from you. This helps you get rid of expenses, such as shipping and keep inventory in a warehouse.

E-commerce solutions Shopify harbors experts in various fields

Shopify has forged a strong partnership with experts in marketing, design, programming, as well as photography. This partnership allows you to get the most out of your Shopify store whether or not you’re new on the platform. With Shopify, you’re able to find experts in your locality depending on your budget and need.

E-commerce solutions Shopify comes with POS app

POS app lets you conduct business anywhere, anytime, even on vacation. Essentially, the Shopify POS app tracks your sales and inventory in real-time and generates sales reports. Also, you don’t have to worry about billing your customers. The Shopify POS app comes with a Shopify card reader that lets you bill your customers from wherever you are for the products they purchased.

E-commerce solutions Shopify lets you pinpoint your high-value customers with their profiles

Before customers buy on Shopify, they have to create profiles for verification. This makes it easy for them to check out on the Shopify platform. It also helps Shopify to gather some critical data about the customer. These profiles can help you track customers’ buying patterns. You can know which customers bought what products and pinpoint high-value customers to incentivize them to keep buying from you.

E-commerce solutions Shopify lets you personalize your shipping cost depending on the customer

Shipping is one aspect that can give you sleepless nights. If you offer low shipping costs, you risk running into losses. If you offer high shipping costs, customers will abandon you. With Shopify real-time carrier shipping, you can compute shipping costs based on size and weight of product and location of the customer.

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